General Service Srl is a direct reseller of  Gardner Denver, screw compressors, used for the discharge of solid powdery products, oil-free, with the lowest operating costs when unloading the product.

The XK18 and the XK12 represent the most popular types of compressors. Both of these products consist of two units assembled together (a screw-driven synchronized rotor and a gear unit with an internal speed multiplier).

The XK18 is characterized by a maximum discharge pressure of 2.2 bar and a discharge flow rate between 500 m3 / hr - 1060 m3 / hr (at 2.2 bar). Suitable for the discharge of powder products (granules, pellets, various granulated products, PVC, PET) with a pressure between 1-1.5 bar and for thicker powder products (cement, sand, lime, glass powder, flour) with a pressure between 1.5 and 2.0 bar.

The XK12 is a compressor that works with a maximum discharge pressure of 2.5 bar and a discharge flow rate between 330 m3 / hr - 610 m3 / hr (at 2.5 bar). This type of compressor is ideal for the discharge of pulverulents (such as cement, sand, lime, plastic granules, animal feed, sugar, flour) with a pressure between 1.5 and 2.0 bar.

The compactness of these two compressors allows them to be mounted inside the vehicle chassis without the use of referrals or belts. Furthermore, the presence of a double-protruding drive shaft allows clockwise and counter-clockwise drive while maintaining the direction of rotation.

According to Gardner Denver compressor range, the GD150 and Hydrapak are also available.

The GD150 is a superlight, compact, oil-free air compressor designed specifically for the pressure discharge of food, chemical, solvent, acid, alkaline, hot bitumen, resin and other liquids;

The Hydrapak is a compact and light oil cooler. It includes the tank, filter, control and safety equipment required in a hydraulic system in one body. Replaces bulky oil tanks and their separate auxiliaries. The compact shape makes it ideal for mounting in small spaces on any type of chassis.

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XK12 compressor
GD150 compressor
Hydrapak cooler

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