About Us

General Service srl, was founded in 2010 by the experience of some former employees of companies in the field of construction and repair of silo trailers that, with particular ambition and courage, have decided to undertake a new production reality.

The company bases its strength on three fundamental elements:

  • the quality of the product, ensured by the use of raw materials guaranteed by certifications of international validity and by the use of highly specialized personnel;
  • innovative construction techniques, which allow to offer transport flexibility and minimization of the reclamation operations necessary for the replacement of the carried material;
  • technical assistance, available 24 hours a day, with interventions also at the customer's headquarter.

The company, in addition to providing a repair and assistance service on all the brands of silo trailers with the use of original spare parts, is licensed for the resale of used industrial vehicles and specialized in the mounting of Gardner Denver compressors.