Silo trailers

Durable, functional, well-constructed, with pleasing shapes and more than anything else "tailor-made" for the needs of the customer. These are some of the characteristics that distinguish the General Service silo trailers. All this is made possible by the work of our employees who, in addition to coming from the field of the construction of silo trailers, have above all, on average, an experience gained over twenty years.

First of all, General Service has not simplified the analysis of customer needs, focusing attention on the characteristics of the products generally considered. Instead, it focused on the methods and conditions of use of the silo trailer by the carriers, so that they can obtain the maximum benefit.

Thanks to this type of customer satisfaction concept, General Service has become the main Italian reference in the field of bulk transport silo trailers, focusing on customization of the product, on the comfort of performing the operation and on routine maintenance of the vehicle.

Lastly, all the silo trailers (rigid silo tanks, trailers and semi-trailers) are made of high-performance and ductile materials.

To this day, General Service has two ranges of silo trailers with the GIESSECISTERNE brand.